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Popkorn is a digital creative agency at its core. What we do is born out of the desire to be creative. Our ideas and insights take many forms across digital and sometimes traditional mediums, but through all this, we aim to be FAST, FORWARD and FUN!

Why choose us?

We didn’t ask Ranbir Kapoor, Karan Johar, Ravi Ashwin, Dinesh Karthik, or Olympians to talk about our clients, but they did it anyway. Effusively and organically.

How does a brand become an Instagram reels phenomenon, impact a generation about awareness and importance of vaccines or wind up being one of the largest cultural phenomena in the country? By being visible and leading with a creative purpose!

For us, a conversation is a business metric. 

Our goal? To be Fast, Forward, and Fun for our clients and our consumers.



Rome wasn't built in a day, but we are not in the business of making iconic cities! We are in the business of solving your product and brand needs in a world where ideas travel at the speed of sound and reactions travel at the speed of light. We don’t believe in taking time, but in the right time to get you the best.



We learn from the past and plan in the present to succeed in the future. We take pride in forward thinking and forward planning so you and your brand are successful today and buckled up for the consumer of the future.



We are serious about our work, your brand, our brand aspirations, and climate change. Our experienced crew of professionals has come to a consensus that in this noisy and busy world, a brand catches attention when smiles are attached to it. That is our MO, that is our POA and our ROI.

Our Team

The people that make it happen

Vishal loves advertising. Always has, since he was in class 10. Kotler was actually the first book he purchased. He also enjoys indulging in philately, travel and is an unabashed aviation geek. He is also the Chief Executive Officer for popkorn.

Vishal Mehra Chief Executive Officer

Has been in love with digital storytelling for brands since 2010. She leads Client relationships for popkorn and has serviced over 100 brands/startups from diverse sectors. When taking a break, she is often found plugged into Pink Floyd with a cold brew in her hand.

Ritika Jaiswal Associate Vice President

Abir Saha has been in the advertising industry for over a decade. His art speaks and will make you sit up and take notice. His favourite colour is Red and when he’s not weaving artful narratives, he is busy scouring the internet to watch reruns of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. He has worked with a plethora of brands including but not limited to Nestle, Sony, Videocon, Sleepwell, Suzuki, Daikin, and Toshiba.

Abir Saha Creative Director - Art

Chaitanya Lekhwani comes with an experience of 10+ years in the digital sphere. When he's not thinking about your next campaign, he's thinking about magnificent Golgappas and where to find them. He's worked with 100+ brands and he will also have a 100+ reasons to tell you why his favorite football club is the greatest in the land. Yes, that one.

Chaitanya Lekhwani Creative Director

Aditya is omniscient when it comes to digital marketing. He has over 10 years experience in strategizing success stories for brands and believes in never-ending upskilling for perfection. Having an analytical mind, he can be mostly found talking to the data & numbers on his laptop screen. He is a foodie - loves to cook and is a hodophile

Aditya Gupta Performance Marketing Lead

Viv loves to talk. And dance. He has also handled brands in all major industries while working with top creative agencies. When he’s not answering work calls, he’s probably on the football field calling the shots, or sitting in front of a screen, cheering for Chelsea.

Vivian Albert Nicholas Business Development Head

An operational innovator, who brings ideas and strategies to scale, Jaya loves creating experiences that are felt - because "what is felt is never forgotten". She'll love to catch up for a drink with you when a campaign is successful— not because you paid us, but because we equally invested in the idea.

Jaya Singh Associate Account Director

Tarkendra Kaul has managed some of the top firms/ clients, not only in the country but those with international strongholds. Airtel, Pernod Ricard, Mars Wrigley, Epigamia, Naukri.com are some of the clients he’s managed over his career. A Kashmiri by birth but in the first look can come across as a Punjabi. He is a football fanatic who enjoys the game and life.

Tarkendra Kaul Account Director

A creative enthusiast with 7+ years of experience, who does more than "just" increasing the size of the logo. He is passionate when it comes to creati-witty which is definitely beyond #000000 & #ffffff! Fun icebreaker tip: know your memes to become friends with him.

Prashant Kumar Nigam Associate Creative Director

A creative soul driven by imagination and the fire to design the unthinkable. Rohit loves problem solving, especially translating complex brand problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive designs. When he is not pushing pixels, you'll find him cooking, gardening or traveling in mountains.

Rohit Kumar Senior Design Manager

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